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Likely Van Arsdale ancestors

Circumstantial Hypothesis of earlier ancestors

Maggie’s 8x great grandfather was likely Joosten Van Haesdale who was the father of Pauwel Joostensz van Haesdale

Based on the Dutch patronomic system of naming, location and dates, the earliest documented ancestor in Maggie Van Arsdale’s paternal line is likelyi Joosten van Haesdale, who was her 8x great grandfather. Joosten was born about 1500 A.D. in Aalst, Oost Vlaanderen, Belgium.
Joosten’s son, Pauwel Joostensz van Haesdale, would then be Maggie’s 7x great grandfather. He was born about 1530 in Aalst, Belgium, and died in 1559, in Aalst, Belgium.ii F

Maggie’s 6x grandparents, Pauwel Pauwelsz van Aeysdale and Fiermijne Holters, had 4 children including our ancestor Jan Pauwelsz van Aedsdaele

Pauwel Joostensz van Haesdale’s son, Pauwel Pauwelsz van Aeysdale, was born about 1560 in Nukerke, Oost Vlaanderen (East Flanders), Belgium. Fiermijne Holters was born in Flanders. iii Pauwel Pauwelsz van Aeysdale and Fiermijne Holters, believed to be Maggie’s 6x great grandparents, were married March 31, 1588 in Gouda, Holland.iv
The oldest child of Pauwel van Aeysdale and Fiermijne Holtersv was Maggie’s 5x grandfather, Jan Pauwelsz van Aedsdaele, who was born about 1600 in Nukerke, Oost Vlaanderen, Belgium and died January 1653/54.
Jan’s siblings were:
  • Michiel Pauwelsz van Aedsdaele, born in Flanders; married Kniertje Meyers 16 May 1632 in Haarlem; born in Osnabrueck.
  • Maria Pauwesldochter van Aedsdaele
  • Joanna Pauwelsdochter van Aedsdaele
Documented events of Jan Pauwelsz van Aedsdaele’s life include vi:
  1. Jan made his mark on notary document, 10 May 1652 which was also signed by his sons Sijmon and Philip;
  2. He was accepted as a member of the Reformed Congregation in Gouda, 20 July 1642;
  3. Jan’s occupation was initially a carpet weaver and later a mustard maker;
  4. On Nov 21, 1642, Jan Pouwelsz van Aertsdal bought a housevii with ground in the Naaijerstraat for 600 guilders from Jacob Joosten Dammelaer [next to Grietje Claes, widow of Jacob Aertsz van Waes to the Southside]. The house carried a mortgage of 700 guilders.
  5. On April 8, 1650 his neighbor to the Northside, Pieter Daemsz Vermeul, transfered his house to Jan Pouwlesz van Aertsdael.

Maggie’s 5x grandparents, Jan Pauwelsen Van Aersdaele and Geertje Philipsdochter Halters, had 6 children including our ancestor Sijmon Janz van Arsdalen

There are quite a few documented facts of Jan Pauwelsz van Aedsdaele’s life. His first marriage was to Geertje Philipsdochter Halters about 1626 in Nukerke, Oost Vlanderen, Belgiumviii.
Maggie’s 5x grandparents were Jan Pauwelsen Van Aersdaele and Geertje Philipsdochter Haltersix who had 6 childrenx:
  • Maggie’s 4x grandfather, Sijmon Jansz van Arsdalen, the Emmigrant, was born February 27, 1627/28 in Nukerke, Oost Vlaanderen, Belgium. Sijmon died before October 29, 1710 in Flatlands, Long Island, New York. He married (1) Marijtje Baltusdochter about April 1650 in Amsterdam, Holland. After Majijtje’s passing he re-married (2) Pieterje Claesen about 1658 in New Netherland.
Sijmon’s siblings were:
  • Philip Jansz van Arsdalen, born in Nukerke, Oost Vlaanderen, Belgium; died 04 June 1686 in Died before this date; married Trijntje Huibertsdochter 13 March 1652/53 in Gouda, Holland; born in Moordrecht, Netherlands; died 03 August 1718.
  • Pieter Jansz van Arsdale, born about 1632 in Vlaanderen (Flanders); died 1676 in Leiden, Netherlands; married (1) Grietje Thomasdochter Brem 17 May 1654 in Gouda, Holland; born in Sluis, Netherlands; married (2) Jacquemijntje Ariens 1657.
  • Joost Jansz van Arsdale, born about 1638 in Nukerke, Oost Vlaanderen, Belgium; died before 1727; married Marijtje Hendriksdochter Eijkenboom 10 April 1661 in Gouda, Holland; born in Gouda, Holland; died after 1700
  • Egidia Jansz Van Aersdale.
  • Joanna Jansz Van Aersdale.
While the children were young Jan Pauwelsz worked as a carpet of cloth-weaver, which was a popular vocation in East Flanders at that time.  Around 1640, Jan decided to abandon Nukerke and seek out the relative stability of the Protestant-dominated Northern Provinces Jan Pauwelsz took his family to Gouda (where it appears, his parents were married in 1588). In Gouda Jan Pauwelsz left behind his vocation as a carpet-weaver to become a mustard-grinder.  
Once settled in the north, Jan Pauwelsz was confirmed (as 'Jan van Arsdal') as a member of the Dutch Reformed Church at Gouda on July 20, 1642.  Later that year (1642) Jan Pauwelsz bought a house for his family on November 21 and eight years later purchased the adjacent one as well.
PHOTO: The home of Jan Pauwelsz in Goudaxi

In October, 1951, the childrens’ mother, Geertje, passed away and was buried on the 30th of that month at St. Jan's Kerk in Gouda, Holland. Not long thereafter, widower Jan Pauwelsz began courting widow Margarieta Philipsdr.  They were married in Haastrecht near Gouda on August 20 1652, some ten months after Geertje's passing, in Haastrecht, Gouda, Holland. Jan Pauwelsz van Aedsdaele died soon afterwards in January 1653/54. Both Jan Pauwelsz van Aedsdaele & Grietje were buried at St. Jans Kerk, Gouda, Holland.
PHOTO: St. Jan's Kerk (Saint John's Church), pictured here, in Gouda, Holland.
(Photo by Manuel Meewezen)

On 10 may 1652, Jan Pouluszn van Aersdael and his sons sign a contract not to divide the inheritance of Geertje Halters. In return it is agreed that son Philip may live in and work the largest of the two houses in the Naaijerstraat, with the proviso that he will look after his younger brothers and also pay the interest on the mortgage. His father may also live and work in the same house and the house next door will be rented out.
On 10 Mar 1654, Philip Jansz Van Aesdael agrees to take on the guardianship of the underage children of the late Jan Poulissen Van Aesdaele and his wife Geertje Philips.
On 21 Mar 1654, the children of the late Jan Poulissen van Aesdaele request permission to sell the two houses on the Eijerstraat in the latter's estate "especially since they are mortgaged for more than they seem to be worth". Since one of the children is still underage the need the permission of the town council which they obtain.
On 24 Apr 1654 Philip Jansz van Aersdalen, on behalf of himself and his brothers, also on behalf of Symon Jansz van Aesdalen, his overseas brother and as gaurdian for his youngest brother, all of them being heirs of Jan Pouwlesz van Aersdalen, transfers to Pieter van Stompwijk two houses and land on the Naaijersrtaat for 1130 guilders. The largest house had a mortgage of 500 guilders held by Maerten Jacobusz Verrijn and a ground tax of 26 stuivers, 4 pence a year to the deaconate. The other house was free and clear.

History of resistance by the Dutch Reform demonination

The history of the Dutch Reform denomination is of special interest in seeking to understand the Van Arsdale family, its social context and the beliefs, values and norms it expressed. The people of Holland brought their church with them to America. The Dutch Reform Church has been compared to a faithful mother, that had nurtured the migrating colonists. They dearly loved it. The denomination had received its central rite of baptism and developed its type of faith in a heroic struggle of their forefathers for civil and religious liberty. It had grown out of the famous religious wars in that consumed Europe in the aftermath of the Reformation. The Dutch Reform resistance helped in defense against the powerful armies of Charles the Fifth and Phillip the Second. Fierce oppositions were made to the Church of the Dutch; and from the days of the Reformation through their development in as America the faithful remained steadfast. In their view, saintly blood had been shed for their sake, and these Dutch colonists were intent on showing themselves worthy of that sacrifice.
viiFrom the Jaarbook, Central Bureau of Genealogy, Amsterdam, Holland. Author: E. TH. Unger

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  1. Hello! If I have done my researching for my ancestors correctly, Joosten VanHaesdal is also a many, many time Great Grandfather. My father was Harold VanAusdal from Eaton, Ohio. I wish I had started all this while he was still has been a wondered journey! Hoping I haven't made any errors with my lineage (mid 1700's is a little sketchy), I am learning amazing about my family. I am looking forward to returning to your blog. I think It will take me days to read through it all.
    Diane Sullivan